Real Meal Revolution Review

I just finished ‘The Real Meal Revolution,’ a book suggested by a member over on the Mission Remission Facebook group. I second the recommendation.

It contains good recipes written by a chef, which is a big plus, has a clearly explained history of how obesity became a problem, a explanation of why low carb works, and many interesting tidbits of information.

One of the tidbits is reference to a study by Drs Volek, Phinney, and Westman that shows a low carb diet not only helps with blood glucose (which I think is pretty well accepted), but that lower blood glucose helps with a range of other diseases and markers, including the big one – heart disease. According to them, high blood glucose increases the risk of a heart attack as much as sevenfold.

I’ve known that diabetes increases risks of other diseases dramatically, but I’ve never seen the benefits of remission laid out as clearly.

One other item of note is an explanation that our ability to return to carbohydrates once we have achieved remission depends on our insulin resistance. People with high insulin resistance might need to keep their carbohydrate intake at keto levels (less than 50gm/day and ideally less than 30gm).

The way of telling what’s right for you, according to Tim Noakes, is the point of carb consumption at which you start gaining weight again.

It’s a book that’s certainly worth a look.

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