Poem: Goodbye, Honey

A foodie’s poetic lament upon the breakup with carbohydrates for health reasons


Goodbye, Honey

by kfionnm

Goodbye, honey, love of mine.
More mysterious than wine. 
Sweet as sin, sticky fingers. 
Even gone, your taste lingers.

Bread, my comfort – glum farewell. 
I get lost inside the smell 
Of your baking – instant lust.
Oh to bite warm crunchy crust.

Wholewheat loaf or French baguette,
Sourdough is better yet.
Warm and fresh or next day’s toast
Magic. Bread, I’ll miss you most.

Ice cream – it seems so unfair.
You and I – a perfect pair –
Spoon in hand, smiling, dreamy
In the mouth, melting, creamy. 

Topped with golden caramel, 
Fragrant fudge’s chocolate smell,
Tart sorbet and crackly cone,
All gone. I feel so alone. 

Sugar: sorry. Can’t be friends.
Pack up, leave, no loose ends.
We have loved in varied ways – 
Best of all – the dessert daze. 

Crème Brûlée and chocolate mousse,
Marmalade, jam, apple juice, 
Porridge bubbling on the heat, 
Corn flakes, muesli dropped – too sweet.

Millet, semolina, rye,
Barley in my soup – goodbye.
Ciao, dear pasta. Rice: so long.
How can good food be so wrong? 

Sad to jilt the curvy spud.
Mashed, you make my heart go thud
Like the first time I was kissed. 
Baked, boiled, fried. You’ll all be missed. 

Couscous and I once were close.
Beans and tacos: adios.
Goodbye, naan and breaded fish,
Pizza, no!!! My favourite dish.

Ramen, udon, any noodle,
Spätzli with an Apfel Strüdel,
Maki sushi, Chinese dumpling,
Hard to stop my legs from crumpling. 

Crepes and croissant, charlotte, choux,
Mille fuille, macarons: adieu. 
Chocolate truffle, cake, and tart
All ensnared me. Broke my heart. 

Cookies, brownies, candy, pies –
Something deep inside me dies
When I know that we are through. 
Sorry, all. It’s me, not you. 

Still I dream of dark honey,
Warmed on toast, turning runny,
Taste that made the world divine.
Goodbye, honey, love of mine.

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