103 LOW CARB FOODS, NUMBER 5 – Lobster

Steamed Lobster
Note: I’m starting my list with luxury foods because I want to make a point that low carb does not equal hardship. Instead, I believe that enjoyment makes a low carb diet sustainable. I suggest embracing culinary fat and splurging whenever you can on luxury foods.

Lobster – Low Carb Foods, Luxury, #5

We all have our weak moments. We have times when we feel our path is too hard. Before I started a low carb diet, I’d reach for a candy bar or something else sweet at delicate moments. Now, when I feel a wobble approach, when I feel overwhelmed or just a bit down, I know it’s time to pamper myself. Since I live by the sea and lobster is abundant here, it is a luxury that isn’t out of reach if I cook it myself. It’s expensive, but then I’m doing intermittent fasting, and I have missed many meals and saved lots of money doing so. Because we vacationed in New England when I was a child, lobster is a nostalgic dish for me. It transports me back to sea breezes, sunburns, plastic bibs, and unpretentious lobster shacks with wooden picnic tables. In other words, it feeds my soul. Of course, like any special treat, it is best not to overdo lobster. In Irish, there is a saying, ‘An rud is annamh is iontach’ – ‘What is seldom is wonderful.’ It’s best to keep it special. 

Top 5 low carb lobster dishes:

  1. Steamed lobster with butter 
  2. Grilled lobster
  3. Lobster salad 
  4. Lobster bisque
  5. Lobster Newberg

Lobster and ethics

There are many people, including my wife and daughter, who don’t like killing animals, especially in the house. I understand that. I was a vegetarian for more than 20 years and may become one again. However, I eat meat now, and I feel that being overly squeamish about killing a lobster is disingenuous since creatures die to make my meat eating possible, and the only difference is that the death of a lobster happens in my kitchen. I would hesitate if the lobster was shipped to me live or held for long periods in a tank, but here the food chain is short. I can look out my window at fishing boats. When the moment comes, I don’t enjoy the process of dispatching a lobster, but it makes me more mindful and makes me appreciate the sacrifice it takes to keep me fed. If you find killing a lobster difficult, then find a friend or loved one who will do the deed for a share of the feast or else order one at a restaurant. 

How to kill a lobster humanely
  1. Put the lobster into the freezer for 20-30 minutes. This will shut down its metabolism.
  2. Plunge the point of a sharp knife into the cross below its eyes, then cut down to separate the head.   

This video, from Bon Appétit might be helpful (go to ca. 1 minute in).

My favourite way to enjoy a lobster

I steam it in a big pot with two inches of water for 12-15 minutes, depending on the size. If I have seaweed to add to the water, even better. When I dip the juicy mouthfuls into hot butter, all feels right with the world.

Why I’m writing a list of 103 Foods: When I changed my diet for health reasons, I spent the first weeks mourning the foods I could no longer eat. What’s the point in being miserable, though? By switching to focusing on the foods I could eat, and savouring every bit of them, I started enjoying food again. I also found hope for the future, especially as the weight fell off and my diabetes reversed. Now, I would love to help others who might find themselves in a similar situation. Finally, there are endless possibilities in terms of what to do with any food. Take that as a challenge, and let me know if you have any suggestions. I wish you happy eating.

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